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Ol, Ceol, Bia Agus Craic

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"Beer, Music, Food and Good Times" In the small villages that dot Ireland the pub culture plays an important role in social life; it is the social hub of the community. Half of the magic of Ireland lies in the people, for whom great conversation and high good humor are at the very heart of a wonderful culture.

For instance, in a town with a population of 1,000 there are more than 50 pubs. That's one pub for every 20 people. Village folks don't sit in front of the television after supper, they meet at the local pub and don't go home until everyone at the table has politely bought a round. These pubs have a special ambiance and charm, which invites people to relax and be themselves. They enjoy the art of conversation, revel in Irish music and indulge in wholesome food and distinctive beer. All this adds up to a fun, down-to-earth experience that the Irish call "Craic."

Craic is an atmosphere that will be different from pub to pub, yet it will be the main difference between us and all of the other pubs, restaurants, and bars in town. Craic is not something that you can hold in your hand, nor can you see it on the wall, yet when you walk into a pub and it is there, you definitely feel it. Craic is the little something extra that you do for each of your guests so that they have a great time when they come to visit. It is what will bring people back again and again.

The Irish are well known for the appreciation of good drink. Beer and ale are almost as important to the Irish diet as food, and pub life is a critical aspect of the Irish social culture. Stout, a strong, dark, malty-tasting beer, is Ireland's most popular drink; and Guinness, a name that is synonymous with stout, is a national treasure.

The Irish are perhaps the best-fed people in the world. Irish breakfasts are particularly famous, featuring eggs, rashers of bacon and fresh bread. Dinner always features some sort of fresh meat or fish, roast beef, corned beef, port, ham or perhaps Irish stew. Moreover, and without exception potatoes are served with breakfast, lunch and dinner in as many as four different ways. Don`t forget about the wonderful bakers that come from Ireland. There is always a freshly baked loaf of Irish Soda Bread or Brown Bread on the table and something sweet baking in the oven.

We at McNally's have created this environment for you. Craic is not something that can be touched but it is something that the you will feel: a mixture of great staff, great food, perfect pints, enjoyable music, and just the right ambiance.